Taxpayer Impact Example

The example below illustrates the residential taxpayer impact if both ballot proposals pass. It uses East Lansing's average gross household income ($67,926) and the average taxable value for improved residential parcels (i.e. parcels with a dwelling) in 2017 ($83,500). View the Taxpayer Impact Calculator and Taxpayer Impact Charts (PDF) for the taxpayer impact at other levels of income and taxable value.

Income Tax on East Lansing's Average Gross Household Income
$67,926 x .01 = $679.26*

*This does not factor in exemptions. The tax would be $673.26 for one exemption, $667.26 for two exemptions, $661.26 for three exemptions, $655.26 for four exemptions, etc.

5 Mill Property Tax Reduction on East Lansing's Average Taxable Value for Improved Residential Parcels in 2017
$83,500 x .005 = $417.50

Annual Taxpayer Impact with One Exemption at $600
$673.26 - $417.50 = $255.76