Deer Exclosures

In March 2017, the East Lansing Department of Public Works (DPW) built two deer exclosures - one at Albert A. White Memorial Park and one at Harrison Meadows Park.

These 10x20-foot structures are 8 feet tall and are designed to keep deer out of small study areas created in order to document and study the effect of deer in City parks and protect young plants and trees from deer browse. City staff, biologists and local students will help to conduct annual studies to compare the impact of deer browse inside the exclosure (no deer present) and outside the exclosure (deer present).

Specifically, these exclosures will help City staff better understand the impact of deer on the regeneration of the urban forest and how deer herds are impacting plant species in City parks. Data collected from these exclosures can help with long-term planning and decision making for deer management efforts.

If community members notice the exclosures are damaged or need repairs, they are encouraged to contact DPW at (517) 337-9459.

For school groups interested in participating in the annual vegetation study with staff, please contact DPW at (517) 337-9459.