Sobriety Court

The 54B District Court Sobriety Court is a cooperative program of agencies representing the City of East Lansing, Michigan State University and the Ingham County justice and treatment communities with the goal of enhancing the public safety and community welfare by reducing recidivism among misdemeanor alcohol offenders. The mission is accomplished through an interdisciplinary approach which includes intensive supervision, individualized treatment and personal accountability through frequent judicial review. The program will effectively use court and community resources to support individuals in developing and maintaining a substance-free lifestyle. 

Eligibility Criteria

  • Participant is not a violent offender under MCL 600.1060;
  • Participant is not appropriate or eligible for Mental Health Court, Drug Court or Veterans Treatment Court;
  • Participant either works or lives in the jurisdictional area of the 54B District Court Sobriety Court;
  • Participant meets the appropriate DSM-5 criteria for a substance use disorder as presenting with two or more of the eleven diagnostic criteria; 
  • Participant is severely addicted to alcohol; 
  • Participant must understand the consequences of entering the treatment court and must agree to comply with all court orders and requirements of the court’s program and treatment providers;
  • Participant must not be an unwarranted or substantial risk to the safety of the public or any individual;
  • Participant must complete a pre-admission screening and evaluation assessment and must agree to cooperate with any future evaluation assessment as directed by the sobriety treatment court; and
  • Participant has the ability to perform all Sobriety Court obligations, including testing, reporting, reviews and treatment.
Please contact your defense attorney if you are interested in participating.