Policy Resolutions

  1. Misc- Use of City Hall Rooms for Meetings (PDF)
  2. Misc-Parking Rates (PDF)
  3. Misc-Purchasing Policy (PDF)
  4. PR Ord1341 Amends Ch. 50 zoning use district map to rezone 1595 West Lake Lansing Rd from B4 to B5
  5. PR1964-1 Selling Bulk Water (PDF)
  6. PR1965-1 Civil Rights (PDF)
  7. PR1965-2 Fair Employment Practices Act (PDF)
  8. PR1965-3 Sewer Charges for Lawn Sprinklers (PDF)
  9. PR1966-1 Street Lighting (Consumer Power) (PDF)
  10. PR1967-1 Employment Standards Law Enforcement Officers (PDF)
  11. PR1968-1 Land Acquisition (PDF)
  12. PR1969-1 Blanket Resolution, MI Department of State Highways (PDF)
  13. PR1969-2 Service Charges (PDF)
  14. PR1970-1 Topics Program Traffic Operations (PDF)
  15. PR1970-2 Pollution Control (PDF)
  16. PR1970-3 Voter Registration (PDF)
  17. PR1970-4 Union Negotiator (PDF)
  18. PR1971-1 Small Claims (PDF)
  19. PR1972-1 Preparation of Agenda & Conduct of Council Meetings (PDF)
  20. PR1972-3 Sidewalk Construction (PDF)
  21. PR1972-4 Special Assessment Formala - Corner Lots (PDF)
  22. PR1973-1 Police Surveillance Equipment (PDF)
  23. PR1973-2 Deputy Registrar Program (PDF)
  24. PR1973-3 Performing Arts Mobile Unit (PDF)
  25. PR1974-1 Flood Insurance (PDF)
  26. PR1974-10 Xerox Charge (PDF)
  27. PR1974-11 Community Recreation Center (PDF)
  28. PR1974-2 A Street Closing Requests (PDF)
  29. PR1974-2 Building Permits Flood Hazards (PDF)
  30. PR1974-3 Traffic Control Orders (PDF)
  31. PR1974-4 Public Hearing Outline Rezoning (PDF)
  32. PR1974-5 Deferred Compensation (PDF)
  33. PR1974-6 Emergency Purchasing (PDF)
  34. PR1974-7 Soil Erosion & Sedimentation (PDF)
  35. PR1974-8 ICMA Joinder Agreement (PDF)
  36. PR1974-9 Trash Liners (PDF)
  37. PR1975-1 Lawn Sprinkling Repealed 04/15/1980 (PDF)
  38. PR1975-2 Purchasing Voter Registration Lists (PDF)
  39. PR1975-3 Street Tree Planting (PDF)
  40. PR1976-1 Housing Policy Programs (PDF)
  41. PR1976-2 Housing Policy & Programs Advisory Committee (PDF)
  42. PR1976-4 Prevailing Wage (PDF)
  43. PR1976-5 Newspaper Dispensers (PDF)
  44. PR1976-6 Local Restaurants for Meetings (PDF)
  45. PR1976-7 Real Property Bid Openings (PDF)
  46. PR1976-8 Yard Signs (Amended 10-19-76) (PDF)
  47. PR1977-1 Apartheid South Africa Rescinded 1993-3 (PDF)
  48. PR1977-2 Change Orders (PDF)
  49. PR1977-3 Identity of Citizen Complaints (PDF)
  50. PR1978-1 ERA Support (PDF)
  51. PR1978-2 Housing Rehabilitation Program 1978 (PDF)
  52. PR1978-3 Rehabilitation Contracts (signature) (PDF)
  53. PR1978-6 Setting of Bicycle License Fees (PDF)
  54. PR1979-1 Purchasing Voter Registration Lists (PDF)
  55. PR1980-1 Lawn Sprinkling Systems (Amends 1975-1) (PDF)
  56. PR1981-1 Street Musicians & Performers (PDF)
  57. PR1982-1 Liquor License Moratorium (PDF)
  58. PR1982-1 Liquor License Moratorium (PDF)
  59. PR1982-2 Voter Precincts (PDF)
  60. PR1983-1 City's Investment Policy (PDF)
  61. PR1984-1 Water Connection Regulations Charges (PDF)
  62. PR1984-1A Alcoholic Beverage License / Consumption on Premises (PDF)
  63. PR1984-2 Boards Commissions - Limit Terms (PDF)
  64. PR1986-1 Alcoholic Beverage License/Consumption on Premises/Entertainment Licenses (PDF)
  65. PR1987-1 Wetlands Mitigation (PDF)
  66. PR1988-1 Guidelines Outdoor Sale Food Beverage (PDF)
  67. PR1988-2 Storage Floodwaters Wetland (PDF)
  68. PR1988-3 Establish $100 Ambulance Service Fee (PDF)
  69. PR1989-1 Sister City (PDF)
  70. PR1989-2 Alcoholic Beverage License / Consumption on Premises / Entertainment Licenses (PDF)
  71. PR1990-1 Residential Parking Permit (PDF)
  72. PR1990-1B Rules & Regulations of Parking Lots (PDF)
  73. PR1990-2 Procurement Policy Recycled Products (PDF)
  74. PR1990-3 Pesticide Use by City Departments (PDF)
  75. PR1991-1 Proposed Housing Code Philosophy, Goals, Objectives (PDF)
  76. PR1991-2 Use ROW Ann Street Plaza (PDF)
  77. PR1991-3 Rules/Regulations for Ann Street Plaza & Fountain Square (PDF)
  78. PR1991-4 Emergency Medical Care Fee $200 (PDF)
  79. PR1991-5 Residential Parking Permit - Central (Amends 1990-1) (PDF)
  80. PR1991-6 Rules/Regulations for Parking Lots (PDF)
  81. PR1991-7 Historic District Moratorium Building Demolition/Demolition (PDF)
  82. PR1992-1 Procurement of Minority Women Business Enterprise (PDF)
  83. PR1992-10 Guidelines Naming Public Property (PDF)
  84. PR1992-11 Concessionaire Guidelines (PDF)
  85. PR1992-2 Impound Fee (PDF)
  86. PR1992-3 Marriage Fee - Performed by Mayor & Mayor Pro Tem (PDF)
  87. PR1992-4 Irrigation Systems Lawn Sprinkling (Amends 1975-1 & 1980-1) (PDF)
  88. PR1992-5 Precincts - Changes / Reappointments (PDF)
  89. PR1992-6 Vacation Pinecrest Pedestrian Easement (PDF)
  90. PR1992-7 Emergency Medical Care Transport - $275 (PDF)
  91. PR1992-8 Domestic Partner Insurance (PDF)
  92. PR1992-9 Americans with Disabilities Act (PDF)
  93. PR1993-1 Election Precincts (PDF)
  94. PR1993-3 Apartheid Rescinded Rescinds 1977-1 (PDF)
  95. PR1994-1 Emergency Medical Care Transport - $325/$400 (PDF)
  96. PR1994-2 Resolution Requiring Competitive Bidding (PDF)
  97. PR1994-3 Employee Benefits (PDF)
  98. PR1994-4 Necessity of Vacating Baldwin Court (PDF)
  99. PR1994-5 Vacating Baldwin Court (PDF)
  100. PR1994-6 Funding Trial Court Operations (PDF)
  101. PR1995-1 Residential Parking Permits - Bailey (Amends 1990-1) (PDF)
  102. PR1995-2 Charter Amendment - September Primary (PDF)
  103. PR1995-3 Concessionaire Licenses, Guidelines for Granting (PDF)
  104. PR1995-4 Moratorium on Increasing the Occupancy Levels of a Structure (PDF)
  105. PR1995-5 Policy & Guidelines for Granting of Poverty Exemptions (PDF)
  106. PR1995-6 Moratorium on Increasing the Occupancy Levels of a Structure - Rescinded (PDF)
  107. PR1995-7 Streetlight Policy & Guidelines (PDF)
  108. PR1995-8 Fee Established for City Code (PDF)
  109. PR1996-1 Rental Housing License & Inspection Fees (PDF)
  110. PR1996-2 Kalamazoo Street Bridge (PDF)
  111. PR1996-3 Irrigation Systems (Amends 1992-4) (PDF)
  112. PR1996-4 Fund Balance Reserve Policy (PDF)
  113. PR1996-5 City's Investment Policy (Amends 1992-4) (PDF)
  114. PR1996-6 City Policy on Televising Public Meetings (PDF)
  115. PR1996-8 Temporary Moratorium on Rental Housing Licenses (PDF)
  116. PR1997-1 Establishment of Downtown Management Board (PDF)
  117. PR1997-2 Boundary Expansion Downtown District (PDF)
  118. PR1997-10 Council Operating Procedures (Amends 199-7-4) Liaison Assignments (PDF)
  119. PR1997-11 Downtown Management Board - membership and by-laws (PDF)
  120. PR1997-12 Council Operating Procedures for Contracts Less than $10,000 (Amends 1997-10) (PDF)
  121. PR1997-3 Posting Signs of Recognition (PDF)
  122. PR1997-4 Council Operating Procedures (PDF)
  123. PR1997-5 Ambulance Fee - $400 plus $4/mile (PDF)
  124. PR1997-6 Moratorium on Rental Housing Licenses Extended (PDF)
  125. PR1997-7 Ambulance Fee Waiver (PDF)
  126. PR1997-8 Rental Housing License Extension to 08-30-97 (PDF)
  127. PR1997-9 Review Fees for Land Development Applications (PDF)
  128. PR1998-1 Election Voter Precincts (PDF)
  129. PR1998-2 Residential Preference Parking Permits (Amends 1990-1, 1995-1) (PDF)
  130. PR1998-3 Board & Commission Training added to Council Operating Procedures (PDF)
  131. PR1998-4 Residential Preference Parking Permits Extension (Amends 1990-1, 1995-1, 1998-2) (PDF)
  132. PR1998-5 Moratorium Issuance of SUP for Wireless Communication Facilities (PDF)
  133. PR1998-6 Procedures/Requirements for Notice to B/C on Appeal of Decisions to Council / Court (PDF)
  134. PR1999-1 Street Closures for Neighborhood Events (Not Adopted) (PDF)
  135. PR1999-2 Admin Title Changes for Residency Requirements (PDF)
  136. PR1999-3 Sidewalk Repair and Construction (Amends 1972-4, Rescinds 1972-3) (PDF)
  137. PR2000-1 Necessity & Advisability Vacating Swart Street (PDF)
  138. PR2000-2 Vacation of Swart Street (PDF)
  139. PR2000-3 Increase in Impound Lot Fee (Supersedes 1992-2) (PDF)
  140. PR2000-4 Televising Meetings via Cable (PDF)
  141. PR2000-5 Fees for Trailer Parks (PDF)
  142. PR2000-6 Community Redevelopment, Revitalization, Renewal to 2(a) 1945 PA 44, as amended (PDF)
  143. PR2000-7 Personal Property Tax Exemptions (PDF)
  144. PR2001-1 Necessity & Advisability of Vacating portion of Alley in 300 block of E. Grand River (PDF)
  145. PR2001-2 Vacating a portion of the Alley in the 300 block of E. Grand River Ave. (PDF)
  146. PR2001-3 Necessity and Advisability of Vacating a portion of the public street on Park Lane (PDF)
  147. PR2001-4 Vacate a portion of the public street platted as Park Lane (PDF)
  148. PR2002-1 Change Election Precincts (PDF)
  149. PR2002-11 Telecommunications ROW Oversight (PDF)
  150. PR2002-2 Historic District Commission Bylaws - Procedure for Implementing (replaced by 2005-6) (PDF)
  151. PR2002-3 City Web Site Policy (PDF)
  152. PR2002-4 Fountain Square Regulations (PDF)
  153. PR2002-5 Administrative Rules Regarding Reduction In Size of City Waste Containers (PDF)
  154. PR2002-6 Ambulance Fees (PDF)
  155. PR2002-7 Concessionaire Licenses (Replaced 2004-3 and 2005-3) (PDF)
  156. PR2002-8 Additional Regulations for Applications for Rental Unit Licenses in Residential Condo (PDF)
  157. PR2003-01 Temporary Moratorium on the Issuance of Rental Licenses in Residential Areas (PDF)
  158. PR2003-2 Guidelines for Granting Concessionaire Permission at Community Event Programs (PDF)
  159. PR2003-3 Regulations for the Playing of Basketball ELHCC North Parking Lot (PDF)
  160. PR2003-4 Regulations Open Outdoor Fires and Contained Outdoor Fires (PDF)
  161. PR2003-5 Use of ROW Policy for Outdoor Seating, Sales and Service (PDF)
  162. PR2003-6 Authorize Electronic Transactions regarding East Lansing Funds (PDF)
  163. PR2003-7 East Lansing Voting Precincts (PDF)
  164. PR2004-1 Notice to Vacate Granada Way (PDF)
  165. PR2004-2 Use of ROW for Outdoor Seating, Sale and Service (Replaces 2003-5) (PDF)
  166. PR2004-3 Guidelines for Granting Concessonaires Licenses (Replaces 2002-7 and Replaced 2005-3 (PDF)
  167. PR2004-5 East Village Designation (PDF)
  168. PR2004-5 East Village Designation (PDF)
  169. PR2005-1 Vacation of Narcissus Drive (PDF)
  170. PR2005-2 Guidelines for Approval of Block Parties (Previous guidelines not policy resolution) (PDF)
  171. PR2005-3 Revised Concessionaire Guidelines (Replaces 2002-7 and 2004-3) (PDF)
  172. PR2005-4 Vacation of Portions of Oakhill (Now Known as Hillcrest & Valley Court) (PDF)
  173. PR2005-4 Vacation Portions Oakhill (PDF)
  174. PR2005-5 Vacation of Portions Platted Alley Between Valley Court and Evergreen (PDF)
  175. PR2005-6 ByLaws - Rules of Procedure East Lansing Historic District (Replaces 2002-2) (PDF)
  176. PR2006-1 Set Fees for Land Dvlpt Apps, under Zoning Code, Subdivision & other Land Regulations (PDF)
  177. PR2006-2 Relocation Benefits to Homeowners/Landlords who Voluntarily Sell Property for Public (PDF)
  178. PR2006-3 Fund Balance Reserve Policy (PDF)
  179. PR2007-1 Uniform Video Franchise (PDF)
  180. PR2007-2 Establishing Relocation Benefits for Homeowners and Landlords (PDF)
  181. PR2007-3 Dog Park - Off Leash - Establish Rules and Regulations (PDF)
  182. PR2008-1 Guidelines Granting Personal Property Tax Exemptions (Replaces 2004-2) (PDF)
  183. PR2008-2 Use of ROW Policy for Outdoor Seating, Sales and Service (replaces 2004-2) (PDF)
  184. PR2008-3 Council Operating Procedures (Amends 1997-12) for Contracts Less than $20,000 (PDF)
  185. PR2009-1 Green Building Policy (PDF)
  186. PR2009-2 Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (PDF)
  187. PR2009-3 Establish Purchasing Policies to Include a Provision for Local Purchasing Preference (PDF)
  188. PR2009-4 Revised Concessionaire Guidelines (Replaces 2005-3) (PDF)
  189. PR2009-5 Use of ROW Policy for Outdoor Seating, Sales & Service (replaces 2008-2) (PDF)
  190. PR2010-2 Vacating Public ROW Between 1640 & 1658 Woodside Drive (PDF)
  191. PR2011-1 Council Operating Procedures (Amends 1997-10) (PDF)
  192. PR2011-1 Council Operating Procedures Amends 1997-10 (PDF)
  193. PR2011-2 Guidelines for Board of Review Consideration of Poverty Exemption (Amends 1995-5) (PDF)
  194. PR2011-3 Revised Concessionaire Guidelines (Replaces 2009-4) (PDF)
  195. PR2011-4 Investment Policy (Amends and Replaces 2002-9) (PDF)
  196. PR2011-5 Authorize Electronic Transactions (PDF)
  197. PR2011-6 Fund Balance Reserve Policy Replaces 2006-3 (PDF)
  198. PR2012-1 Public Disclosure Process (PDF)
  199. PR2012-2 Revised Concessionaire Guidelines (Replaces 2011-3) (PDF)
  200. PR2012-3 Guidelines for Issuance of Additional On-Premises Licenses (PDF)
  201. PR2012-4 Commitment ofParks and Recreation Fund Resources (PDF)
  202. PR2012-5 Naming Public Properties (Replaces 1992-10)
  203. PR2013-1 Settlement of Claims (PDF)
  204. PR2013-2 Procedures for Board & Commissions (PDF)
  205. PR2013-3 Use of ROW Policy for Outdoor Seating, Sales & Service (Replaces 2008-2 & 2009-5) (PDF)
  206. PR2013-4 Declaring a Temporary Moratorium on Site Plan Apps for Structures 4+ bedrooms / unit (PDF)
  207. PR2013-5 Declaring Temporary Moratorium Site Plan Apps Structures 4- in Commercial District (PDF)
  208. PR2013-6 A Resolution Establishing Liability Insurance Requirements (PDF)
  209. PR2013-7 Council Operating Procedures (Replaces 2011-1) (PDF)
  210. PR2014-1 Recognition of the Summer Solstice Jazz Advisory Board (PDF)
  211. PR2014-10 Extend Temporary Moratorium Site Plan Apps Structures 4- Bedrooms in City Center B-3 (PDF)
  212. PR2014-11 A Resolution Approving ByLaws / Rules of Procedure for Historic District Commission (PDF)
  213. PR2014-12 Temporary Changes to the City's Concessionaire' s Policy (PDF)
  214. PR2014-2 Extend Temporary Moratorium on Site Plan Applications Structures 4+ room / dwelling (PDF)
  215. PR2014-3 Extend Temporary Moratorium Site Plan Apps Structures 4- stories in City Center (PDF)
  216. PR2014-4 Declaring a Temporary Moratorium on Taxicab License Applications (PDF)
  217. PR2014-5 Use of ROW for Outdoor Seating, Sales & Service - (Replaces 2013-3) (PDF)
  218. PR2014-7 Establish Standards for Use of Criminal History in the Hiring Process for City Employ (PDF)
  219. PR2014-8 Amending the Purchasing Policy to Include a Provision for Green Fleet Purchasing (PDF)
  220. PR2014-9 Extending Temporary Moratorium on Site Plan Applications for Structures 4+ Bedrooms (PDF)
  221. PR2014-ROW Replaces 2013-3 (PDF)
  222. PR2015-03 Extending Temporary Moratorium on Site Plan Applications 4+ Bedrooms (PDF)
  223. PR2015-04 Extend Temporary Moratorium Site Plan Apps Structures 4- bedrooms City Center B-3 (PDF)
  224. PR2015-1 Website Disclosure of Campaign Finance Statements (PDF)
  225. FOIA PR2015-7 Establishing Freedom of Information Act Policies, Procedures and Guidelines (PDF)
  226. PR2015-10 Establishing Procedures for Liaison Appointments to Boards & Commissions...(PDF)
  227. PR2015-11 Council Operating Procedures (PDF)
  228. PR2015-2 Resolution to engage in a collaborative process for Bailey (PDF)
  229. PR2015-6 A Temporary Resolution Extending Moratorium on New Taxicab Licenses through 8/30/15 (PDF)
  230. PR2015-8 Establishing Liability Insurance Requirements (PDF)
  231. PR2015-9 Council Operating Procedures (Replaces 2013-7) (PDF)
  232. PR2016-08 Hazard Mitigation Plan Adoption (PDF)
  233. PR2016-1 Permit Parking Moratorium (PDF)
  234. PR2016-2- Sidewalk Maintenance (PDF)
  235. PR2016-3 Ad Hoc Resolution (PDF)
  236. PR2016-4 Resolution to Create a Citizen (PDF)
  237. PR2016-5 Sidewalk Repair and Construction (PDF)
  238. PR2016-6 Modified Copy of Federal Purchasing (PDF)
  239. PR2016-7 Commitment of Public Art Fund Revenue (PDF)
  240. PR2016-9 Indigenous Peoples Day Resolution (PDF)
  241. Purchasing Policy & Guidelines (PDF)
  242. PR2017-1 Concessionaire Resolution and Map (PDF)
  243. PR2017-2 Resolution to amend the purchasing policies to include a provision for environmentally preferable purchasing (PDF)
  244. PR2017-3 Resolution repealing resolution 2009-2 and the red flag policy and identify theft prevention program (PDF)
  245. PR2017-4 Establishing Guidelines for Tax Increment Financing (PDF)
  246. PR2017-5 Resolution to dedicate additional revenues from a city income tax (PDF)
  247. PR2017-6 Resolution to waive any penalty puruant to MLC 211.27b(1)(c) or (d) (PDF)
  248. PR2017-7 Resolution declaring a temporary moratorium on the issuance of certain sign permits (PDF)
  249. PR2018-1 Vacating the platted public right-of-way of Church Street and plat of Moores, Church and Scovell subdivision (PDF)
  250. PR2018-2 Vacating the platted public right-of-way of the south 100 feet of Reniger Court (PDF)
  251. PR2018-3 Resolution extending the temporary moratorium on the issuance of certain sign permits (PDF)
  252. PR2018-4 Resolution to relocate common boundaries between the City of East Lansing and City of Lansing (PDF)
  253. PR2018-5 Resoultion extending the temporary moratorium on the issuance of certain sign permits (PDF)
  254. PR2018-6 Resolution to file petition to abandon part of the foreback branch of the Remy Chandler Intercounty Drain (PDF)
  255. PR2018-7 Resolution adopting a final project plan amendment for wastewater system improvements (PDF)
  256. PR2018-8 Resolution to allow for quarterly payments for certain business licenses (PDF)
  257. PR2018-9 Resolution to establish the City operating millage at 12.5362 mills for the 2019-2020 Fiscal Year (PDF)
  258. PR2018-11 Resolution to Replace Lead Water Lines (PDF)
  259. PR2018-12 Resolution to designate Clinton County Road Commission as the lead for the extension of Coleman Road (PDF)
  260. PR2018-13 Resolution to join the Municipal Coalition (PDF)
  261. PR2018-14 Resolution establishing the City Manager as the Freedom of Information Act Coordinator for the City of East Lansing (PDF)
  262. PR2019-1 Resolution to realign the redevelopment project area for purposes of issuing redevelopment project area liquor licenses (PDF)
  263. PR2019-2 Resolution to approve a Capital Projects contract with the East Lansing-Meridian Water and Sewer Authority (PDF)
  264. PR2019-3 Resolution authorizing the City Manager to enter into certain contracts without prior approval of City Council (PDF)
  265. PR2019-5 Resolution establishing procedures for Council meetings, resolutions and the preparation and content of the Council agenda (PDF)
  266. PR2020-5 Resolution concurring with and consenting to the Mayor's August 11, 2020 order establishing rules for the DDA District (PDF)
  267. PR2020-1 a resolution in support of the City of East Lansing becoming a 100 percent Clean Energy City (PDF)
  268. PR2020-7 a resolution adopting emergency ordinance requiring compliance with public health orders (PDF).
  269. PR2020-8 a resolution to authorize sale of real property and execution of sale documents (PDF)
  270. PR2020-9 a resolution to authorize relocation of Albert Avenue (PDF)
  271. PR2020-10 a resolution to extend authorizations permitted in Policy Resolution 2020-4 until March 14, 2020 (PDF)
  272. PR2021-1 a resolution extending state of emergency proclamation and order requiring face coverings in City DDA (PDF).
  273. PR2021-2 a resolution extending state of emergency proclamation and order requiring face coverings in City DDA (PDF).
  274. PR2021-3 a resolution to authorize general obligation limited tax refunding bonds, series 2021 (PDF).
  275. PR2021-4 a resolution to extend the authorizations permitted in Policy Resolution 2020-4 until March 14, 2022
  276. PR2021-5 a resolution confirming and consenting to Mayor's March 9, 2021 order temporarily restricting outdoor gatherings and queues (PDF).
  277. PR2021-6 a resolution to hold electronic public meetings during the local state of emergency
  278. PR 2021-8: A resolution to introduce an ordinance to amend Section 26-66 of Chapter 26 of the Code of the City of East Lansing (PDF).
  279. PR2021-10: Resolution Allocating Local Revenue from State Marihuana Regulation Fund (PDF)
  280. PR2021-13: Resolution to adopt Ordinance No. 1504, an ordinance to establish policy on disorderly conduct charges (PDF).
  281. PR2021-14: Resolution to adopt Ordinance No. 1503, an ordinance to establish an Independent Police Oversight Commission (PDF).
  282. PR2022-2: Resolution Establishing East Lansing Voting Precincts and Polling Locations (PDF)
  283. PR 2022-4: Resolution to Extend the Authorizations Permitted in PR 2021-4 (PDF)
  284. PR 2022-5: ARPA Capital Improvement Projects (PDF)
  285. PR2022-6 Updating the City Loft Policy (PDF)
  286. PR 2022-7: Resolution Regarding Heos v. City of East Lansing (PDF)
  287. PR 2022-9: Capital Asset Management Policy (PDF)
  288. PR 2022-10: Resolution Establishing Policies for Federal Grant Awards (PDF)
  289. PR 2022-11: Fund Balance Reserve Policy (PDF)
  290. PR 2022-12: Resolution Establishing a Purchasing Card (P-Card) Policy (PDF)
  291. PR 2022-13: Resolution Establishing the Purchasing Policy and Guidelines (PDF)
  292. PR 2022-14: Resolution Canceling Regular City Council Meetings for November 20 and December 20, 2022 (PDF)
  293. PR 2022-15: Resolution to Allow Street Closures for Approved Public Purposes Scheduled for September 20, 2022 (PDF)
  294. PR 2022-16: Resolution to Establish the Community Development Advisory Committee (PDF)
  295. PR 2023-1: Resolution Declaring the City of East Lansing a Sanctuary City (PDF)
  296. PR 2023-2: Resolution Establishing Policy and Guidelines for Board of Review (PDF)
  297. PR 2023-3: Resolution to Create a Small Cell Wireless Ad Hoc Committee to Review Potential Small Cell Facility Regulation (PDF)
  298. PR2023-4 Resolution Permitting Planning & Zoning Official to Temporarily Modify Site Plans Administratively for Outdoor Service Areas (PDF)
  299. PR2023-5 Moratorium to Suspend Enforcement Ord. Chptr 6 (PDF)
  300. PR1978-4 Charitable Solicitations (PDF)
  301. PR1978-5 Boycott JP Stevens Co (PDF)
  302. PR2002-10 Credit Card Policy (PDF)
  303. PR2002-9 Investment Policy(Amends and Replaces Policy Resolution 1996-5) (PDF)
  304. PR2023-6 No Mow May Resolution - Signed (PDF)
  305. PR2023-7 Amnesty for Street Sign and Equipment Return (PDF)
  306. PR 2023-9 American Rescue Plan Act Capital Improvement Projects (PDF)
  307. PR2023-10 American Rescue Plan Act Employee Retention Bonus Pay (PDF)
  308. PR 2023-11 Poverty Exemption Update (PDF)
  309. PR 2023-12 Resolution to Approve Amendment to Clinton County Solid Waste Management Plan-Signed (PDF)
  310. PR 2024-1 Resolution to Adopt Greater Lansing Regional Committee for Stormwater Management Memorandum of Agreement (PDF)
  311. PR 2024-2 American Recuse Plan Act Resolution (PDF)
  312. PR 2024-3 Resolution Cancelling Feb 13 Discussion-Only Council Meeting and Rescheduling May 7 Regular Meeting (PDF)