Curbside Recycling Guide

Recycling is easy in East Lansing! Recyclable materials can be placed loose (no sorting required) in residents' recycling carts. Recyclables are collected curbside on a bi-weekly schedule. View the 2018 Recycling Schedule & Map (PDF).

Simple Recycling items are collected the same day as cart recyclables and should be contained in Simple Recycling bags

Unsure of your recycling day? Contact the East Lansing Department of Public Works at (517) 337-9459. To learn about additional materials that can be recycled, visit Other Recycling Options.

Single-Stream Curbside Recyclables


Details (single stream, no sorting required)

Available for Drop Off

Glass Bottles & Jars

Paper labels acceptable. All colors accepted, including green.


Tin, Foil, Steel & Aluminum Cans 

Paper labels acceptable. All sizes accepted. Remove food residue.


Household Scrap Metal

Includes metal pots/pans, metal trays, metal bakeware, metal utensils, etc. Empty aerosol containers accepted. No wire hangers.


Plastic Bottles & Containers

Labeled #1-#7 (NO #3 PVC, Styrofoam or plastic bags); do not need to remove caps.


Bulky Rigid Plastic

Includes buckets, lawn chairs, toys, bins, etc. (look for HDPE symbol)



Includes milk cartons, juice cartons/boxes, etc.


Newspapers, Magazines & Phone Books

Includes inserts. NO plastic bags or packaging wrap.


Includes office paper (do not need to remove staples), junk mail, envelopes, file folders, greeting cards, paper bags, shredded paper in secured clear plastic bag, etc.


Includes dry food/cereal boxes, shoe boxes, etc.


Corrugated Cardboard

Break down boxes, please. yes


available via Simple Recycling

*The bags are now orange, but green bags will still be accepted.


Small Household Goods / Appliances / Electronics

available via Simple Recycling

*The bags are now orange, but green bags will still be accepted.