Recently Adopted Ordinances

The ordinances listed below have been adopted by City Council and are waiting to be integrated into the City Code in its next code update. If there is an ordinance missing that was recently passed, you may find it under non-codified ordinances.
  • Ordinance No. 1422 (PDF): An ordinance that amends the code for the purpose of eliminating the percentage of food sales requirement for restaurants serving alcohol (commonly known as the 50/50 rule). 
  • Ordinance No. 1423 (PDF): An ordinance that amends the code to allow for outdoor fireplaces on property used for single-family dwellings in the RM-8, Planned Unit Development Zoning District. 
  • Ordinance No. 1424 (PDF): An ordinance to amend the code to correct an error in reference to regulation standards for exterior lighting. 
  • Ordinance No. 1425 (PDF): An ordinance to amend the zoning code to strike subsections (b)(2)c and (b)(2)d and add language relating to businesses selling alcohol.
  • Ordinance No. 1416A (PDF): An ordinance to amend the code to add Division 7 - medical marihuana provisioning center facilities overlay districts and regulate medical marihuana provisioning centers.