Fit for Life 2019

The three-year grant through the Tri-County Office on Aging will help 20 people each year adopt a healthier lifestyle through a program entitled Fit for Life. The combined value is more than $220 per person.

About the Program
The 2019 program will take place January 11-March 29, 2019. At the beginning of the 10-week program, participants will take a pre-test of easy-to-perform exercises. At the end of the program, participant will take the test again to measure outcomes!

A fantastic lineup of wellness workshops will take place, including The Study of Sleep, Stress Management, Skin Care, Labyrinth Walk, Neuro and Bio Feedback, Sex and Seniors and more. Brain Games will follow after the wellness workshops are completed.

How to Apply
Download an application or pick one up at the Prime Time office.

This 10-week outcome-based exercise program (January 11-March 29, 2019) includes:

  • Pre-Test (Jan. 11)
  • Post-Test (March 29) 
  • free Prime Time exercise classes each week
  • free brain exercise course
  • free wellness workshops