DTN Proposal (withdrawn)

Following an extensive public review process, the East Lansing City Council selected DTN Management as the development partner for the City- and DDA-controlled portions of the Park District Planning Area in August 2013. The ultimate goal was to incorporate a high-quality mix of commercial and residential uses that would  enhance the western end of downtown East Lansing.

In June 2014, the project was divided into two separate projects and DTN provided revised plans for a smaller project on the DDA and City-owned properties and the site location at 404 Evergreen Avenue. In addition, the Park District Development Group, (PDIG) also submitted plans for the properties with Grand River Avenue frontage as well as the former Evergreen Arms Apartments site.

Following the November 4, 2014 General Election, DTN withdrew their proposal for the Park District properties that are owned by the City of East Lansing and the Downtown Development Authority (DDA).
DTN Withdrawal Letter (November 5, 2014) (withdrawn)
Submittal from DTN (September 26, 2014) (withdrawn)
Submittal From DTN (June 30, 2014) (withdrawn)