The Assessor's Office is responsible for the inventory of all property within the City and the valuation of all taxable property both real property (land and buildings) and personal property (tangible). It operates under the requirements of the General Property Tax Law which was originally P.A. 206 of 1893. The statutes can be found under MCL 211.1 through MCL 211.157.

Property & Tax Bill Info

The City of East Lansing offers no-fee, 24/7 online access for its Property & Tax Bill Information. To view your tax bill and make a payment, visit the Treasury Department webpage

The Assessor's Office is committed to transparency and has put into place policies regarding hours of operation and access to assessing records

Poverty Property Tax Exemption

Residents meeting income limits and asset level tests may be eligible for a full or partial exemption of property taxes. The City has adopted guidelines which establish filing requirements, details of the review process for the exemption and income and asset levels that apply. The specific annual income limits vary by size of household and are updated each year. Please see the 2023 income limits provided here. Learn more.

Where Do My Property Taxes Go? 

View the City of East Lansing's Property Tax Handout (PDF) for a breakdown of where property taxes go and to learn how the portion of taxes kept by the City is used.