Veterans Treatment Court

The 30th Circuit, 54A, 54B and 55th District Courts of Ingham County established the Ingham County Veterans Treatment Court (ICVTC) in March 2010. The ICVTC is housed at the 54B District Court at 101 Linden St. in East Lansing. The ICVTC integrates treatment and services with supervision of each veteran’s probationary case. The ICVTC promotes sobriety, recovery and stability through a coordinated response to the veteran’s needs.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Must be a veteran as defined by MCL 600.1200(j);
  • Must have a pending adult criminal charge in Ingham County or in another jurisdiction in Michigan that does not have a Veterans Treatment Court and be a resident of Ingham County;
  • Must be dependent upon or abusing drugs or alcohol or suffer from a mental illness;
  • The offense or offenses are generally related to the military service of the individual, including the abuse, illegal use, or possession of a controlled substance or alcohol, or mental illness that arises as a result of service; and
  •  Must submit to a pre-admission screening.

View the Veterans Treatment Court Policy and Procedure Manual (PDF).

Download the Agreement to Participate (PDF).

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