Snow Removal Help

Do you need help removing snow from your sidewalk and driveway? A number of resources have been provided to address the needs of snow removal for seniors.

Hiring Snow Removal Service
Some seniors prefer to pay for snow removal service, but finding someone may be difficult. The Prime Time Seniors' Program contacts neighborhood associations to ask for referrals for neighborhood youth who provide this service for a nominal fee and/or neighbors who are willing to volunteer in this capacity. Please call Prime Time at  (517) 337-1113 to learn more.

Hire a Spartan Volunteers
MSU has a program entitled Hire a Spartan, where citizens can access MSU students for all kinds of work, including snow removal. If you are interested, please call the MSU Placement Office at (517) 355-9510 to post a job opportunity. You will need to provide what service you are looking to hire, the price you are willing to pay and contact information. All MSU students have access to this site and they will contact you directly. Those seniors who utilize this service have favorable things to say about it. If someone is not computer savvy, the Placement Office has volunteered to type the information up and post it for seniors.

Other Resources
  • Learn about resources in your neighborhood. Contact your Neighborhood Association President as they often times have information available on resources within your neighborhood. Visit the East Lansing Neighborhood Association website for contact information.
  • Call Tidy Boy Lawn Care. They specialize in general cleanup, including snow, leaves, gardens, bushes, shrub trimming, etc. Contact owner Rick Masters at 351-2848 or 402-2415.
  • Contact Robert Reese at 484-2868.
* Prime Time has compiled a Supportive Service Referral List, which provides easy access to contact information for a variety of services, including drivers, house cleaning, lawn care, etc.